A great way to separate some fresh veggies from the rest of the garden...
Multiple Raised Beds adds Variety in your Vegetables

Raised garden beds are perfect for gardening in small spaces, rentals, or paved areas. They reduce the need to weed and promote healthy, easily accesible organic vegetables. Having more than one planter box in your garden can increase the number of vegetables you can grow. Some vegetables do not grow well together, and others thrive when planted in the same soil.

We educate all of our customers on the how-to's of organic gardening. This includes knowing when and what to plant in your raised beds.  In the above example, yellow squash, red peppers, and snap peas all share a happy home.

Low Water Usage Drip Irrigation
Critter Friendly

Every raised bed we install is equipped with  drip irrigation that can be connected directly to your automated sprinkler system. Your vegetable garden will thrive while helping you save water.

For our pet-loving customers, we can install aesthetic barriers to your planters to keep wandering paws out of your vegetable garden. A removable fence allows easy access to your fresh produce at harvest time.

Salad at your Fingertips
Large Scale Gardening

Lettuces grow very well year round in our mild San Diego climate. Raised beds allow you to have a fresh garden salad whenever you'd like, any time of year.

We can build garden boxes as small as 3 by 3 feet, or up to 100 feet long. Whether you have an urban farm, restaurant, or education project, we can build any size an shape planter box to meet your demands.